Where better to celebrate a couple’s love for each other than in the city of love itself?
If you’re ever shooting in a major city, getting an uninterrupted shot is a challenge. Try shooting in the middle of the day and any iconic shot is swarmed with tourists all trying to shoot the same thing. 
An invaluable tip I learned a long time ago is that sunrise is key. Not only are you shooting in stunning light, but there isn’t a tourist to be seen.
That’s why myself, Claire and Ini rendezvoused at the Trocadero at 5:30am on a sunny July morning in Paris. We explored the Trocadero and all the surrounding gardens, enjoying the surreal feeling of having Paris all to ourselves.
Claire looked beautiful in her yellow dress from ASOS, framed perfectly against the majestic Eiffel Tower, bathed in the glow of a Parisian sunrise.