When you think romantic cities of the world, you can’t help but think of Venice. Cobbled streets winding through countless rustic alleyways, gondolas floating gently along emerald canals, the majestic expanse of Piazza San Marco overlooked by the beauty of Saint Mark’s Basilica; its no wonder the city has become synonymous with love itself.

When I knew I was going to be travelling to Venice for a styled shoot in May, I put a shout out to see if any of my couples wanted to join me there for a couples/ engagement shoot. I was overjoyed when the wonderful Periesa and Will one of my couples whos wedding i’m photographing in October volunteered to make the pilgrimage to Italy and meet me in Venice for what was going to be one of my favourite-ever shoots.

After having arrived late the night before and after only a few hours’ sleep, Periesa and Will negotiated the nighttime water bus and arrived at my apartment, sleepy but fabulous, just before dawn.  
Suffice to say, the weather wasn’t on our side. But in spite of the sporadic rain and their crushing sleep deprivation, Will and Periesa were an absolute joy to work with! Not only were they enthusiastically open to any crazy suggestion of mine, they were suggesting ideas of their own, giving the shoot an amazing teamwork dynamic! And to top it off, they were so very much, heartbreakingly, wonderfully, head-over-heels besotted with each other that you can see their love in every shot.

After the dawn shoot in Piazza San Marco, we headed back to the apartment for an outfit change. Will spotted a hat of mine on the arm of the sofa and put it on without hesitation, immediately making it work for him in a way only truly cool people can!

Having recently attended a Photography Farm workshop earlier this year with Fer JuaristiI was inspired to try something a little different and experiment with some new angles.
When we saw this rustic yellow wall, I saw an opportunity and took what is probably my favourite shot of the whole shoot. It’s so different from the sort of shot I usually take that it always stands out in my memory. It’s also a great representation of the other side of Venice you don’t see in most galleries; far away from the canals and the gondolas, for anyone who’s been there before you’ll know, it’s so different and yet still so quintessentially Venice.

Love Rebecca