Hi, I’m Rebecca. Lover of naps. Unofficial sponsor of Galaxy chocolate and Coke Zero. Wifey to a handsome husband, and mummy to a sassy-and-beautiful baby girl. 

I’m the kind of girl who looks forward to pudding more than the main, and prefers the gift shop to the museum. 

I live in Kent, with my best friend Jon. We laugh every day, we hold hands. And after almost fifteen years, we still pat each other’s booty. We share a joie de vivre; and for the last three years, a daughter. The adorable, funny, increasingly sassy Winnie. A much-wanted sleighmate whom we utterly adore. 

My office bin is full of Coke Zero cans, Amazon wrappers and Galaxy crumbs. I love good films, and trashy TV. I burn myself on more things than any adult should. And I have an odd compulsion to buy two of everything. 

I believe in photography, in documenting memories. I adore vintage photo booths (the 5 second bursts of panic; the anticipation as you wait). And I have always been- and will always be!- the one who takes photos of everyone on a night out. 

Because they’re never ‘just photos’. Sooner or later, they’re all we have left; of a moment, a person.  So we cling to them, we frame them, we love them. And I’ve made them my life. These pictures with memory woven through.

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grounded by love, driven by ambition, and forever called by wanderlust

I’ve been in love with weddings since I was a little girl

Bridal Barbie was always my favourite; Father of the Bride, my memorised, on-repeat film. And now as a (pretend) grown-up, that obsession is still going strong. 

A lot of my favourite films are still wedding films: Wedding Crashers, Bride Wars, The Wedding Planner. I married Jon in Whitstable, and then a few years later, we went to Vegas and got married again. This isn’t just a job for me; it’s a childhood obsession monetised.

I will
get excited about your wedding, probably more than anyone else. I’ll be buzzing to hear all about your styling, your outfits and what vibe we’re going for. And if you ever need inspo, advice- or even just someone to talk to- I’ll smile when I see your name pop up on my phone.

I think everyone deserves to experience that fairytale, Hollywood romance at least once in their lives. And as your wedding photographer, I’ll do anything I can to give it to you

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