When you’re starting out as a wedding photographer, you get trapped in a vicious cycle. You can’t book weddings without content, and you can’t get content without booking weddings. You even struggle to work for free!

It’s a difficult trap to escape from and a lot of aspiring wedding photographers give up on their dreams before they’ve even shot their first wedding. When I first started out a couple of years ago, I really struggled to get any paid work because I had no way of showing people my style. And you can’t blame them, I mean would you trust someone with your wedding photography if you’d never seen any of their photos?

So what do you do? Wait and hope for your lucky break? Or take matters into your own hands?

Photography Farm’s content building days give you the chance to build your portfolio and practice your photography in a friendly, stress-free environment. You leave with tons of experience working with real life couples, models, stylists and professional hair and makeup artists. Plus loads of great shots for your website and social media and a ton of new friends in the industry! 

There’s no doubt in my mind that I wouldn’t be where I am today without my first Photography Farm shoot day all those years ago.

What’s great for me is that I’ve now come full circle and have a chance to give back. Last month I was asked to be one of the group mentors for Photography Farm’s content-building day in Ridge Farm.

The couple were a real couple Jack and Rose (no, not the ‘let him on the door’ Jack and Rose, a different Jack and Rose), whose wedding I’m shooting next year and who I’ve formed a really close relationship with.

I was inspired by Katy Perry’s ‘Thinking of You’ video, with the loved-up picnic and romantic walk. So I brought my picnic basket and rug and a few drinks and we had a picnic and went for walk in the countryside. Just Jack, Rose, me…and a small group of fellow photographers snapping happily away!

A bit extra? Of course! But it really captured the laidback, summery feel of the shoot and allowed Jack and Rose’s relaxed relationship and heartbreaking love for each other to shine through in every shot.

If you’re just starting out in photography or if you just want some new content for your social media or website, I honestly can’t recommend the Photography Farm shoot days enough. Of course, they’re not a magic wand and they’re not a replacement for hard work, but they could just give you the boost you need to fire your boss and go full time.

I’m working as a mentor again for the next Photography Farm Farmers Market in October where I’ll be running two workshops. The second workshop is a wedding portfolio builder. The groups are kept small so spaces are limited but if you’re interested, there are still a few spots available. I’ve already got a great bunch of incredible suppliers onboard and another incredible real couple.Click here for more information.

See you in October!

Hair: Jo Loves Hair | Makeup: Louise Lerego | Dress: White Reflections Bridal | Venue: Ridge Farm | Shoot Organiser: Photography Farm |Stylist: Mr & Mrs Unique