Videography by Rix Weddings

That wonderful smell of salty air, the cries of sea gulls, the feel of the wind on your face, the twinkling of sunlight on the water. I’ve always loved everything about the seaside and as a photographer, there’s just something magical about shooting near the sea.

Alice and Oliver’s love story is so beautiful and unique. They are both Musical Theatre performers who met through friends, he saw a photo of her and fell in love…cut a long story short, he slid into her DMs and they’ve been together ever since! For their couple’s shoot, I met Alice and Oliver on Camber Sands beach. It was a scorcher of a day and it was such a joy witnessing their undeniable chemistry and being with them to celebrate and capture their love. for each other.

I often get enquiries and messages from couples saying they’d love a photoshoot but feel embarrassed to ask because they have no particular occasion for it; they aren’t engaged yet, or they’re already married etc….and you know what? You don’t need an occasion or excuse other than LOVE!

Every second with your soul mate should be celebrated. Some people never find their true love, so if you’ve found yours don’t take it for granted, cherish it for the blessing it is. 

Lady GaGa sings “I’ll always remember us this way” and it always strikes a chord with me. My husband and I try to get in front of a camera together at least once a year, and the photos we have of us since we got together a decade ago are priceless to us now. That warm, fuzzy feeling of nostalgia, of looking at photos together and saying “oh my God, look at your hair!” or “wow, remember that year?” is just wonderful. So don’t wait until the next milestone to celebrate your love for each other. This moment in time might not seem particularly special to you now, but one day it will mean the world. So cherish it, celebrate the now.

This shoot was also a unique one for me as it was the first video for the launch of my Youtube photography channel. After much deliberation and feedback from followers and couples I have now decided to bring you  along on some of my adventures and show you a glimpse into my process as a photographer. It’s an exciting new chapter for me and I can’t wait to share more content with you from my coming adventures.