Our story begins in London, just before midnight

Long before their wedding in Villa Astor, I met Yvonne and Yin in London. Yvonne’s ring sparkled in the darkness, still new on her hand. And as we strolled through the city on their engagement shoot, they asked me where in the world they should say their vows. 

I told them about Sorrento, and the Dolce Vita. 

Lemons, prosecco and mahogany speedboats. Villas rising up from the sapphire sea. For them, the Amalfi Coast felt right

We spent the evening exploring London together. We laughed, we told stories, we hugged goodbye. And then a few weeks later, my phone dinged on the side; a message from Yvonne. 

They were having their wedding in Villa Astor, and they wanted me as their photographer.

Planned to perfection by Italy Wedding Planner, Yvonne and Yin’s day was the perfect blend of fun, romance, wild Malaysian party vibes and chic Italian style. 

If you’ve been dreaming of a wedding in Villa Astor, come take a look. We have all the inspiration you could ever need…

The Heritage Collection, and the Villa Astor wedding venue

The Heritage Collection brings together some of the most iconic luxury wedding venues in Europe. Château de Villette near Paris; Villa Balbiano on Lake Como; Villa Clara in Rome. 

And of course, Villa Astor in Sorrento. 

Villa Astor is surreally beautiful. The spectacular coral-cream villa sits high above the Bay of Naples. On three of its sides, endless acres of secluded botanical gardens. On the other, unparalleled views across the glittering sea. 

Step inside the villa itself, and everywhere you look is exquisite. Filled with artwork and artefacts; hewn from marble and stone. 

Every guest suite has been individually designed. Every corner- every inch- considered, cared for, made perfect. 
If you’re looking for a luxury wedding venue in Sorrento, look no further. Villa Astor is *flawless*.

Elegant bridal styling for a wedding in Villa Astor

This is how our story begins. 

Laughter, birdsong, the sound of the sea. Stories, jokes, and letters of love. A velvet chaise-lounge, and the taste of champagne. 

Yvonne looked immaculate in her silk dress from Cana Bridal

Her look was classic, elegant and understated- perfect for a wedding in Villa Astor. A full-length veil and flowing train, Hollywood waves, and a stunning white bouquet. And to complete the look, subtle touches of style: Gucci pearls, and Jimmy Choos. 

Her bridal crew- dressed all in lilac- were amazing. So welcoming, so funny, and just absolute vibes! 

We headed through the villa, down the winding marble staircase. And enjoyed a little pocket of quiet and calm. Standing on the balcony, looking out across the sundrenched bay. 

Bride and bridesmaids in Villa Astor Sorrento Italy Amalfi coast wearing lilac dresses

Let’s hear it for the boys

Meanwhile, Yin was getting ready with his groomsmen. Sunnies, monogrammed tuxedos, and black bow ties. And Yin, looking achingly suave in his pure white jacket. 

As they sat together in the majestic rooms of Villa Astor…strolled through the tropical gardens, side-by-side…the boys were giving Bond with a side of Vanity Fair. 

Wind rustled in the palms. A soft *pop*; laughter, and the clinking of glasses. 

Not long to go. 

They got married in Villa Astor, overlooking the sea

Leaning out over the terrace of Villa Astor is an ancient silver birch, its bark mottled and smooth. And there, in the dappled shade of its branches, Yvonne and Yin said their vows. 

At the end of the aisle stood two beautiful flower arcs, of white hydrangeas, roses and eucalyptus. And between them, framed in the distance, the imposing shadow of Mount Vesuvius. 

The ceremony was intimate, and personal. 

All the legal stuff had been taken care of elsewhere- this ceremony was just for them. They’d asked their friend to be the celebrant, and had written their own vows to each other. It was sweet, hilarious, emotional, and beyond romantic. 

Their friend pronounced them husband and wife. And they walked back down the aisle hand-in-hand, kissing in a flurry of pure white confetti. 

Italy or Morocco; Tuscany or Thailand

I’d known Yvonne and Yin since London. We’d had Zoom calls, DMs, and 3am voice notes. And the day before, we’d spent the afternoon on a boat together, drinking Prosecco and exploring the bay. 

So as we disappeared into the grounds of the villa for their couple portraits, it felt comfortable, familiar, easy. 

And oh my, what a place for photography! The backdrops are endless, and endlessly beautiful. The gardens are a labyrinth of winding pathways and tropical plants. It feels magical, private, almost secret. 

Away from the crowds and the attention, they got to let their guards down for a while. And as a newly-married couple, just be

How to elevate your Villa Astor wedding to production level

A little while later, we emerged from the gardens. And- as expected- the drinks reception was nothing short of idyllic. Cocktails in the courtyard, hor d’oeuvres, and breathtaking views. 

But for me, the live performers stole the show. The up-and-coming Chironex Entertainment were *exceptional*. Their presence, their showmanship, their dresses…if you’re looking for something to elevate your Villa Astor wedding to production level, this is it. 

The band played in the sunshine beneath the waving palms. And suddenly- as if they couldn’t wait any longer- Yvonne wrapped her arms around Yin. And in the sun-dappled courtyard of Villa Astor, they shared their first dance.

Reception styling inspiration for your wedding in Villa Astor

The reception styling was stripped back, and beautiful. 

Tables scattered with lemons; rustic pots overflowing with blue hydrangeas. And that stunning blue-yellow contrast continued through the intricate hand-painted stationery. 

Colourful, but stylishly subtle; a true celebration of Amalfi charm.

As the sun set, and guests found their seats, Yvonne and Yin made their entrance. Yvonne in a sparkly lace gown; Yin in a green velvet tux. And everyone went wild. 

Feet stomping, fists on tables, drinks in the air. And a huge cheer ringing out into the darkness…

Oh how I love a vibey outfit change!

“Have you been to a Malaysian wedding before? We like to party”

The food was delicious. The speeches were heartfelt, and hilarious. But the evening belonged to the band. The musicians, the dancers, the singers…they were all SO good. 

When the food and the speeches were over, they literally had every single guest on their feet, dancing a little routine! Then they went acoustic and walked the entire wedding to the next part of the wedding: the party.

Yvonne changed into another insanely beautiful dress. We ate Italian mille fois, drank cocktails and Prosecco, and ended the night dancing beneath the stars. It was incredible. The perfect blend of fun, magic, and elegance. 

And at the centre of it all, Yvonne and Yin. Two people who will forever hold a piece of my heart.

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Photography: Rebecca Carpenter Photography Styling and Planning: Italy Wedding Planner

Venue: Villa Astor Florals: Santoria Florale Catering: Sorrento Wedding Catering
Audio & Lighting: Saba Service Open bar: Pour Events
Entertainment: Chironex Entertainment Band: The Gloves Band
Dress: Cana BridalSecond shooter: Chloe Ely Photography