I’ve got some great news! The first dance doesn’t have to be that awkward, embarrassing part of the wedding day everyone expects it to be. And you don’t have to be nervous about it! It can be fun and epic and pretty, and a part of the day you actually look forward to! And trust me, if you do this, it’ll be something all your guests will be talking about afterwards.

If you’re nervous about your first dance, you’re not alone. In the run-up to our wedding, my rhythmically impaired fiance was more worried about the first dance than he was about his speech! And I’ve found this to be a really common thing with my couples as well. In fact, some couples are dreading it so much they’re considering just not doing it at all.

The great thing about this trick is that it’ll help you either way. If you’re nervous, it’ll turn those nerves into excitement. If your boots were made for dancing, then it’ll transform your lovely choreographed dance into an epic west-end showstopper!

So here’s what you do…Confetti cannons! Yep! So simple, but something I’ve been suggesting and insisting to my couples for years. It’s probably a signature wedding photography move of mine and it’s never failed me yet.

Why use them for your first dance?

  • It’s great if you’re nervous, as it takes the spotlight and focus off of you. Everyone will be too busy enjoying themselves watching the confetti to be paying attention to your dance moves!
  • You won’t be worrying and stressing about what you’re doing with your feet! You’ll be too busy laughing, watching it go off and just enjoying yourselves.
  • The crowd will be so excited! Keep it as a surprise and they always, ALWAYS go “woo!” and clap when they go off! It’s always such a memorable moment.
  • It looks incredible in photos and on video. It’s a moment you’ll always remember and you will love having a stunning photo of it. It’s one you’ll have framed.
  • It’s a great dance floor party starter that kicks off the rest of the night. The big ‘bang’, the explosion of colour, the applause from the crowd, the music…they all come together to get the party part of the evening off with a bang (literally!)
  • It’s the perfect way to add some energy to your first dance, celebrate your wedding and your life together as a couple

Awesome, right? Great! So what type of confetti cannons do you need for the maximum effect?

Here’s the ones I use and recommend:

If silver and gold ain’t your jam, there’s also….

So now you’ve got your confetti cannons, how do you pull it off?! Here’s my top tips
for nailing it every time…

  • The best cannons for photos and dance floor lights are the gold or silver kind. They have bigger chunks of confetti, which contrast well with the smaller confetti that would’ve been thrown on you earlier in the day.
  • The gold and silver kind reflect best if you’re having disco lights as part of your entertainment setup.
  • You want at least 4- trust me on this, 4 minimum- to keep the momentum and excitement levels up. If not, you’ll be standing there for a while afterwards feeling even more conscious! Most songs are around 3-4 minutes, you can get your guests to join you a few minutes in, so you’ve got 2-3 minutes to fill. 4 gives you a cannon every 30-45 seconds, which is enough to keep it exciting, but not so much it’s overwhelming.
  • Split the 4 canons up and position them in different parts of the dance floor. And have them aiming over where you’ll be dancing. I get the wedding party (ushers/bridesmaids) who aren’t too drunk to operate these. Make sure to brief them beforehand so they know what they’re doing and how to set them off!
  • Set off the canons at different times- not all at the same time. Again, make sure to brief the people setting them off with an order and approximate timings. Easiest way is just to brief the maid of honour or best man in advance and let them sort it out for you.
  • Aim the cannons to the sky high above your heads, so the confetti gently flutters and falls down for longer.
  • Get decent cannons! Don’t skimp as there are some brands that have a rubbish range, are difficult for first-timers to use and can be unreliable. The ones I’ve linked are the ones I’ve trusted and used wedding after wedding as they have a 6-8m range, are easy to use and tend to work reliably.
  • Have fun with it! And make the most of the photo opportunity! Don’t be afraid to twirl and have a kiss underneath the confetti for the most magical photos

So now you’re ready to have an EPIC first dance!! Have a look at the links above and see which ones take your fancy. Maybe order a couple of extra ones so you can have a practice/play with them before the wedding and get to know what you’re working with. And most importantly of all, congratulations!

Have a wonderful wedding and enjoy your first dance!