My husband and I visited Groombridge Place back in summer time as I’d been pining to photograph there forever. We left home quite late and so by the time we’d arrived, we only had an hour to whizz around the place for me to scout it out for future shoots. Even so, I fell in love with the place instantly as it’s such a beautiful place to visit; stunning woodlands, a canal, gardens and- most exciting of all- home to their famous Zedonk! (a zebra/donkey cross, which basically looks like a donkey with stripey legs!) It was on my wish-list of future shoot locations but it being so far away, I knew it would have to be kept for Kent-based clients.

On my last shoot with Georgina we were stuck in traffic together and discussed ideas for the next shoot.  I mentioned Groombridge Place for her and Ryan’s autumnal couple shoot. This shoot nearly didn’t happen due to the weather that day but I am so glad we went ahead and did it. Despite falling over on some stone steps covered in gunge (and now having some serious gunge-step-related bruising) it was a perfect shoot. The lighting that day was just right and the love between these two was a joy to capture.