Do ever get an idea stuck in your head and just have to do it?  I’m very much one of those people; once I’ve got my heart set on something I want to make it happen. Immediately! Well, that’s how I felt a week ago.

I kept thinking about the song lyrics from Maggie Rogers song ‘Love you for a long time’. They are such beautiful lyrics: “If devotion is a river, then i’m floating away”. I’ve also always loved that scene from Parent Trap when Meredith is pranked by the twins and ends up asleep on a lilo in a lake! But I was thinking, ‘let’s make it romantic!’

When I told Russell this crazy little nugget of madness, he didn’t question it for a second. He was immediately on board and only asked how we’d protect our equipment (a very sensible thought…this is often an afterthought for me!)

I scoured Amazon for the perfect double lounger (thanks Prime for coming through!), et voila! An inflatable bed, topped with one of my bedsheets from home. 

We arrived at the lakes, only to discover there were signs everywhere saying ‘no swimming’! Our hearts sank a little and we walked around for hour and half trying to  figure our how we could do it, whether we would need a permit to go in the water, and how the hell were we going to get away with bringing a giant double lilo without security chucking us out and fining us! 

Photography is a funny old game, in that things never go to plan. But as long as you think on your feet, stay calm and blag your way through like a champion, things always find a way of working themselves out! So we weighed up the penalty fair, figured it was worth the risk (I wouldn’t advise this, of course), and started shooting.

Jen and Adam were our incredible couple for this shoot, with a love story spanning 15 years! They first met when they were 12 years old, have always been best friends and after being in other relationships with other people, finally found their way back to each other and fell in love. And the rest is history!

This couple shoot might very well be one of favourites!

The video to see all the magic in action by Russell Kent Nicholls

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