There are some friends in life who you know you’ll always be close to. I met Michaela and Holly at university and we’ve now been close friends for over a decade. But- as it often does- life has recently been getting in the way and it had been almost a year since we all saw each other. So Michaela and I decided to make the effort and spend a few days visiting Holly in her new home in stunning Switzerland.
It was worth the 3 hour flight just for the chocolate! We visited the Cailler chocolate factory and spent a blissful few hours immersed in chocolatey goodness (oh and of course, I stocked up in the gift shop!)
And Switzerland is the place to be at Christmas. Holly took us to the Montreux Christmas Market, a must see for anyone who loves all things festive. It was definitely the best Christmas market I’ve ever visited; the atmosphere was friendly and festive, the food was amazing and the quality of the stalls was really good.
On the last day I managed to persuade Holly’s new boyfriend Yan to join us in a quick photoshoot. We paid a visit to Chillon Castle, a beautiful medieval island castle on Lake Geneva.
The castle was beautiful; the weather was not! The rain, the murky grey light and the fog made it every photographer’s worst nightmare. But in spite of it all, Holly and Yan’s love shines through in every photo and I think the final results are rather magical. Even Jess the dog looks like she was having a good time!