It’s the morning of your wedding. You’re surrounded by your best girlfriends, you’re having your hair and makeup done, you’ve got a glass of Prosecco in your hand and in a few hours you’ll be marrying the love of your life. It’s exciting, isn’t it?!
Bridal prep is one of my favourite parts of the day. There’s always so much excitement and love and laughter and friendship. And- of course- it makes for some awesome shots!
For you and all the other brides-to-be out there I’ve put together a list of hits and tips to help you get the very best out of this wonderful part of the day.
  1. Hang your dress up ready for your photographer to capture. Chances are, by the end of the day the dress will be trashed. Make sure you get a decent shot of it before it gets ruined!
  2. Have your accessories, wedding stationery and wedding perfume ready to be captured. In years to come, these little things will jog memories and make you smile. Make sure you capture them.
  3. Matching dressing gowns and/or pyjamas for you and your bride tribe are always really handy, practical and look super cute for photos.
  4. Get a bottle of bubbles to calm the nerves and share with your gang, or sparkling elderflower if you don’t drink. It’s always nice to have something to sip on and it looks great in photos.
  5. Invest in having your hair and makeup done professionally by an artist. Your makeup and hair will need to last all through a busy day and well into the night. You cannot beat having an expert finish on this and when you look back at your photos you will be so glad you did! Plus, on the day of the wedding you really won’t have time to do this yourself so save yourself the stress and have a professional do it for you. When having your makeup done, make sure to sit near a window for the best lighting.
  6. Keep the room tidy! There’s nothing worse than seeing loads of clutter in the background of a shot so keep the room minimal and mess free.
  7. Consider the location. If your house has limited space and you have lots of bridesmaids, consider booking a hotel or even ask the venue- some have perfect prep rooms!
  8. Get into your dress early! I always give my brides a time to aim for so they aren’t rushed and flustered! You want to be in your dress at least twenty minutes before you head down the aisle so you can take a moment in your dress and have some portraits taken.
  9. Get gifts for your tribe/family. Thank you gifts or cards for your bridesmaids etc. are always so important. It’s also a lovely moment to share with them in the morning before the chaos of the day begins.
  10. Create the perfect getting ready playlist and bring a mini speaker. Keep the tracks upbeat and fun for you and the gang to listen and dance to while you get ready.
  11. Always allow more time to get ready when you have lots of Bridesmaids. Don’t go thinking that because there are a lot of them it’ll go quicker, because it won’t! The more bridesmaids you have, the more time you’ll need.
Getting ready for your wedding is truly special and I hope you enjoy every second of it! If you would like me to be the one to capture your big day, please get in touch now to check availability.