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This is a topic I see coming up time and time again. Whether it’s clients, random people, inspiration accounts, blogs or magazine accounts, from time to time they all re-share images without correctly crediting the source. Sometimes it’s because people don’t understand the etiquette; sometimes it’s people who should know better but are just being lazy!

December 28, 2020

Why crediting online is so important

For a while now, I’ve been looking for a chance to get out from behind my camera and see a shoot from my clients’ point of view. To remember what it’s like to have the camera snapping at me, rather than being the one doing the snapping! After all, the world looks very different from […]

April 7, 2019

Photography Farm shoot session with Jennifer Moher

I am so excited to share with you my welcome video by the incredibly talented Nick & Catherine from Rix Weddings.   If you’d like me to capture your wedding day, elopement or pre wedding shoot. visit now to see if your date is available!  

January 29, 2019

Welcome video

I often get asked, “what happens if it rains?” I hate to be the bearer of bad news but if you’re getting married in the UK, you can NEVER guarantee good weather. In fact, I would almost say to expect bad weather and take sunshine as a welcome bonus! Of course in the grand scheme […]

October 25, 2018

7 ways to dance in the rain on your wedding day

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