When a bride with flawless taste meets the world’s best wedding planner

As you read this, there might be times you feel like you’ve drifted into your favourite ‘wedding in Puglia’ fantasy. But you haven’t. You’re still in the room, and this wedding really did happen!

In the grounds of a 16th Century Italian villa overlooking the Itria valley, Georgina and Ryan got married in the dappled shade of an ancient oak. The sounds of distant goat bells carried out over the rolling hills and the scent of wildflowers filled the mediterranean air. I know, I know, you’re back in that dream again. 

Georgina and I have been friends for years. And if you follow her on Instagram, you’ll know not only is she a total babe, she has impeccable taste. So when she told me she was having her wedding in Puglia, I was beyond excited. And when she told me she had the insanely talented Valentina from The Stars Inside as her wedding planner, I got that ‘Christmas morning’ feeling in my stomach! 

If you’re looking for destination wedding inspiration, you’ve come to the right place. And whatever happens, remember: this is not a dream. 

Is Masseria Grieco the best wedding venue in Puglia? Or Italy? Or the world?!

Masseria Grieco is an achingly beautiful blend of rustic Italian charm and boujee luxury. The air smells of herbs and lemongrass, the sound of farm animals echoes through the peaceful courtyards. It’s quaint, peaceful and ever-so-romantic. And they’ve also got a swimming pool and super-comfy beds. So it really is the best of both worlds! 

As I walked to Georgina’s room on the morning of the wedding, the guests stirred to life from the night before and a soft, welcome breeze blew through the courtyards. And with a little flutter of excitement, I could already see hints of Valentina’s magic touch throughout the venue. 

An order of the day printed on a canvas hanging, waving in the breeze between the branches of an olive tree. A table plan hung from the weathered wooden beam above the centuries-old well. Delicate, understated, and perfectly considered. 

Bridal styling inspiration for a destination wedding in Puglia

Georgina looked incredible. She paired the super-sexy ‘Clo Crepe’ by Grace Loves Lace with elegant hair and makeup, and a relaxed boho bouquet of pampas grass and roses. 

With a gorgeous mermaid silhouette and stretchy, soft crepe cinched in all the right places, it’s one dreamy knockout of a dress! And she told me when she was dress shopping, she noticed it had exactly the same neckline as the dress she’d worn on her first date with Ryan. As soon as she saw it, she knew she wanted to surprise him with it! 

After Georgina had finished getting ready, we went up to the sundrenched rooftop terrace so she could share a first look with her father. Having known Georgina for so long, I knew how much this moment meant to her. And regardless of the venue or the styling, it’s always moments like this that make a wedding day truly special.

 The bridal walk of dreams 

When I suggested Georgina make her bridal entrance down the sandstone steps of the villa, she was a little scared she’d end up tumbling down the aisle! But she trusted my vision (and the steady arm of her dad!) and went for it! 

And I’m so glad she did, because it was epic! Walking down the steps of an Italian villa overlooking acres of beautiful countryside, her father on her arm and her soulmate waiting to marry her beneath an oak tree. Can you imagine how she felt walking down those steps? As bridal walks go, this has got to be up there with the best of them, right?!

An outdoor ceremony in the grounds of Masseria Grieco

Georgina and Ryan had their ceremony in the shade of an old oak tree, an ancient symbol of love’s strength, durability and wisdom. A silk hanging covered with flowers hung from the branches above the altar. Huge floral installations of pampas grass, white delphiniums and roses flanked the staircase where Georgina had made her entrance. And flowers sat at the base of the tree and lined the aisle. It was so peaceful, so romantic, and so incredibly beautiful.

And the ceremony itself was wonderful. They’d sorted out all the paperwork so that it was their actual legal ceremony (which is unusual for a destination wedding). And it made it all the more special. The ceremony was conducted in Italian, with Valentina translating into English. And I’m not gonna lie, the thought of having a wedding in Puglia, with Valentina’s ASMR-worthy voice doing the service makes me wanna get married all over again! 

When the ceremony was over, they were met with a flurry of fresh rose petal confetti and a huge cheer from their friends and family. Then together we strolled up the now-famous steps to where live music and prosecco awaited. 

From couple’s shoot in Kent to couple’s portraits in Puglia

Fun fact: Georgina and Ryan were one of the first ever couples I photographed! Way back when I was just starting out, we went to a lavender field in Kent and had a little couple’s session. So getting to be there for their dream wedding in Puglia, doing their couple’s portraits on their wedding day all these years later was really emotional! 

Strolling through the deserted sandstone walkways and courtyards of Masseria Grieco, soaking up the Italian sun and giving my old friends some time together away from the attention of the crowds. Honestly, it was bliss, and definitely one of my favourite parts of the day. 

Banquet table reception in the Masseria Grieco courtyard

The crowning jewel of Masseria Grieco has got to be the beautiful open courtyard where Georgina and Ryan had their reception. The rustic stone walls on all sides, the cobbled floor, the iconic rooftops above. I mean, what an incredible place to have your wedding meal! 

Banquet tables give any reception an amazing ‘wow factor’. But put it in the courtyard of an Italian villa, and it’s a whole other level of beauty! 

And once again, Valentina had surpassed herself. The flower-covered silk hanging from the ceremony had been repurposed and used as a table runner, bringing a wonderful feeling of continuity to the styling. Rustic napkins of knotted linen and sprigs of rosemary sat on every place setting, and long-stemmed white candles flickered in the breeze. Perfect. 

Golden hour couples portraits

As the guests waited for the tables to be cleared from the courtyard to make way for the party, I took Georgina away for their golden hour portraits. We headed to the same rooftop where Georgina had had her first look with her father all those hours before. And now she was returning as a married woman! We watched the sun set over the Italian countryside, they kissed, they cuddled, and we all got a little emotional! Such an amazing way to finish the day before the party started and the dancing began.

I don’t think this was the typical wedding in Puglia. But I can’t wait to go back again and find out! If you’re looking for a wedding photographer in Puglia and you love my work, I’d love to hear from you. Please get in touch today and let’s chat and get to know each other.