Do you want memorable, magical photographs and to have a lot of fun creating them?

I’m the girl for you!

Of course I'll happily work with anyone but I find I get the best results with couples who have a similar outlook on life to me! I work with more 'Bride-chillas' so to speak. 

I take pride in putting people at ease when behind the camera and spotting those candid moments. My speciality is directing even the most uncomfortable, camera-shy people. 

I'm a natural light photographer and if, like me, you love nothing more than jumping fences and traipsing through fields, we are going to get along great!

My main mission is to capture the romance, emotion and love between each couple. You can never undervalue the importance of getting the right wedding photographer and having those precious moments captured to relive over and over again.

I go above and beyond for my couples, making sure that I give my absolute all to every couple I work for so that they get the best experience possible. I'm really bubbly, cheerful and relaxed as a person but professionally I'm a bit of a perfectionist! 

in love at first sight,
in soul mates,
and that true love lasts a lifetime 

Hey! I'm Rebecca.

I'm an open book, first-meeting-hugger, Disney lover, foodie, gemini, travel-obsessed kinda girl!

I believe...

Welcome, friend!

Don't take my word for it! See what my previous couples really have to say about why they choose me for their wedding!

Let’s go on an adventure...

The Love List

These are a few of my favourite things that make my heart happy. Do we have any in common? Send me a note and let me know!

My husband Jonathan


Old fashioned photo booths 

Pink peonies

Coke Zero

Yankee Candles

Freshly baked baguettes

Being on the beach

Cherry blossom trees

Ru Pauls Drag Race

Decorative door wreaths

Deep tissue massages

Fresh bed sheets




Chicken Nuggets



Afternoon tea

Wedding cake

Dim Sum

The Bitmoji app

Face masks

Before things get serious,

Over using exclamation marks!!! when I’m over- excited!!!
And not playing a whole song in the car

Bad habits

The confetti being thrown, the couple portraits and bridesmaid group  photos

Favourite parts of the wedding day

Using Gifs and Bitmoji in Whatsapps, dogs dressed as humans, and models tripping on catwalks

What cracks me up

The Thong Song- Sisqo
Love Shack- The B-52's

Favourite songs to get up to on the dance floor

I love pineapple on my pizza

Unpopular opinion

you should know...

...What is life but one grand adventure?

There's nothing I love more than exploring new places. My passport is ready!

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I have a passion to share my tips and tricks with fellow creatives. I run workshops for a hands-on in person experience as well as share behind the scenes videos on my YouTube channel. 


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