I’m wifey to my husband Jon, and first-time mummy to our sassy-and-beautiful baby girl, Winnie. I’m the kinda girl who looks forward to the pudding more than the main and loves the gift shop more than the museum! I love weddings so much that I’ve married my husband twice (one beautiful big wedding on the beach in Whitstable, and then a drive-thru chapel in Vegas, complete with Elvis and a pink Cadillac!) I treasure my friendships and absolutely adore my family.

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the difference between

is that little

I heard somewhere once that the difference between ordinary and extraordinary is just that little bit extra. And photography as a medium is ruthlessly unforgiving if you can’t be bothered to make the effort. Trust me, in my experience, it’s always worth the effort.

It could be walking that little bit further, climbing that little bit higher, exploring that little bit more, trying that one last pose...whatever it might have been, the shots that took that little extra effort are always the stand-out shots. They’re always the ones that are shared and re-shared, liked a thousand times, swooned over, printed, framed. So if you’re up for going that little bit extra with me, together we’ll get extraordinary!




my style is

My composition and editing are inspired by high fashion editorials, films, fashion magazines, and music videos. I began my photography career as a fashion photographer, which is why some of my shots look like they’re cut out of a fashion magazine! In general, my style is light, airy, and romantic, but we’ll definitely get a few epic showstoppers in there too!

I believe a photographer should be an experience, not a wallflower. In order to get the best out of my couples, I have to connect with them, make them feel at ease, make them feel comfortable enough to get intimate, make them laugh, have fun, let their guard down. Taking the actual shot is just a small part of my role as your photographer; the art lies in drawing out your vulnerable, beautiful humanity and capturing the moment before it fades.

my style

★ My husband Jonathan and darling daughter Winnie
★ The feeling when you step off a plane in a hot climate
★ Old fashioned photo booths 
★ Entering any Disney Theme Park and walking up Main Street
★ Pink peonies
★ Outdoor weddings
★ Coke Zero
★ Over-priced scented candles
★ Feeling the sand between my toes
★ Wearing matching mini-me outfits with Winnie
★ Cherry blossom trees

★ Ru Pauls Drag Race
★ Deep tissue massages
★ Fresh bed sheets
★ Cocktails
★ Polaroids
★ Afternoon tea
★ Dim Sum
★ Face masks

★ Ru Pauls Drag Race
★ Deep tissue massages
★ Fresh bed sheets
★ Cocktails
★ Polaroids
★ Afternoon tea
★ Dim Sum
★ Face masks

Stuff that makes my heart happy

Stuff that makes my heart happy

☆ Bad manners
☆ Negativity
☆ Plastic flowers
☆ Bad lighting
☆ Toastmasters in red jackets
☆ Food that's gone cold
☆ Aggressive drivers
☆ Chair covers
☆ Unhappy endings in movies
☆ Coke in a plastic bottle
☆ Burnt toast
☆ Room temperature water

stuff that doesn't make my heart so happy

"You don't take a photograph you make it"

I absolutely love being involved in one of the most important days of people's lives. I know how important the photos will be to my couples, and know that as the years go by, they’ll become priceless. I love the pace, the joy and the excitement from a wedding day (I call it wed-renaline). It's a lot of pressure, but that just adds to the BUZZ! 


Don't worry, I’ve got you covered! I’ve worked with hundreds of couples, all with different personalities and varying levels of confidence. So whether you’re a charismatic Broadway lead, or you’re more of a humble wallflower, don’t worry. I can put ANYONE at ease. My strength lies in directing even the most awkward camera shy couples, making sure you have fun and enjoy our time together, and by the end of the day you’ll have a gallery you’ll love.


In photography terms, I'm a mixture of direction and documentary. Capturing those real moments as they unfold telling your story, and also setting up those epic portraits too. I’ll suggest poses if you’re running low on inspiration and give you the odd nudge into the best light so you get the most gorgeous photos.
My approach to your wedding day will be to capture the true authentic essence of you as a couple. Who you REALLY are. Whether you're jokey, cheeky, adventurous, sexy, reserved, laid back...whoever you are when you’re together, it's my job to bring that out of you and capture that in the most beautiful, real and authentic way. 

3. How will you approach our wedding day?

4. What's your superpower of wedding photography?

My wedding photography super power has got to be couple portraits and bridesmaids photos. These are what I get booked for (and these are the best ones anyway, right?!)

5. Wheres your favourite place to shoot?

Oooooh, this is a tough one! As a destination photographer, I’ve shot all over the world, so there’s a few contenders! I love Jamaica, the people there were awesome and I LOVED the light as well. France was stunning, Mallorca was amazing. It’s tough, but I think above all of them, Santorini holds a special place in my heart. The light there, the people, the food, the views, it’s just perfect. 
But my favourite type of light is a sunny day with a few clouds, so wherever I am, if I’ve got that I’ll be happy!

6. Where are you REALLY from?

Not strictly a photography question, but it’s THE most asked question. Ever. I'm half Chinese and half English. 

7. Why should we book you?

Choosing a wedding photographer is one of the biggest decisions you'll make for your wedding day, and isn’t one to enter into lightly. But you're not going to meet anyone else like me!
First of all, we’re going to have a blast together. And if you're not having fun on your wedding day, what's it all about?! Your wedding day is a celebration of your love and commitment to each-other, and that’s why I consider part of my job as your photographer is to make sure you have the best experience EVER! 
I won’t just be there for a few hours on your wedding day. I’ll be like the bridesmaid you never had, from the moment you book me all the way through until your sparkler exit! Whether you need planning advice, help with suppliers, or just someone to vent to about your relatives, I’ll be there for you. It’s actually not unusual for me to stay close friends with my brides after the wedding!
And I know my way around a camera! My work has been featured in all of the country’s top wedding blogs, with couple and bridal portraits and bridesmaid shots my signature calling card! I specialise in editorial, romantic photography that you’ll adore for years after the final confetti has fallen.

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